Commercial Real Estate Investing: Due Diligence

The due diligence process for a commercial real estate investment involves the inspection of a property, analysis of the market, assessment of the tenancy and the evaluation of financial records. Proper due diligence protects investors from unethical and unprofessional practices and is said to be the cornerstone of securities law.

At Acquire, we subject each Sponsor and potential investment to a rigorous due diligence process before deciding on its viability. What that means is that we carefully examine a range of metrics to determine the likelihood of a deal’s success.

Team of Experts
Acquire Real Estate is the only real estate crowd investing platform founded completely by real estate executives, and our team leverages more than 80 years of collective experience in bringing the most sophisticated deals to investors. We are veterans in underwriting, acquisition, management, and financing in excess of $10 billion, and we've successfully raised and deployed capital throughout various market cycles.

Josh Klimkiewicz, Chief Operating Officer, previously served as Vice President of Capital Markets at CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm. There Josh was a senior member of a 25-person team responsible for underwriting, structuring and advising on capital raising efforts for real estate transactions. Josh's expertise stems from an ability to decipher the macroeconomics of any region, whether it be a commercial office building in Boston or a shopping center in Chicago. Josh re-examines the detailed underwriting given to us by our Sponsors and re-forecasts that data to ensure that every deal and statistic meets Acquire’s high standards.

Our team also includes Daniel Katz and Dan Kaufthal, both executives of Katz Properties which forged its path in real estate acquisition and management as the driving force behind large-scale grocery-anchored shopping centers. At Acquire, they help identify only the most qualified Sponsors and function as a critical layer of oversight by using their own experience as Sponsors to vet potential Sponsors. This process includes evaluating a Sponsor's history in the marketplace to ensure their ability to survive credit crunches and other market downturns.

To learn more about our team, visit our leadership page.

Deal Requirements
Acquire Real Estate is generally a cash flow investor and we look for transactions to provide safe, predictable cash flow to our investors. In cases where listed properties may have some level of vacancy, the operating partner will attempt to fill that vacancy to generate additional value and increased cash flow over the life of the investment.

"Acquire only invests in properties that are run by conservative operators with the experience, knowledge and discipline to weather all market cycles. We invest this way so that when there is a pullback in the market, the safer, more targeted investments will be the ones to provide consistent and stable returns for our investors. The Acquire platform offers high-end deals that don't chase the higher albeit riskier returns being advertised by some of our competitors. In the long run, we believe that our investors are better off investing in more stable, consistent returns rather than simply chasing high yield."
- Steven Bettinger, CEO

Acquire’s Process
Each deal that comes to Acquire has already survived the checks of the industry by various underwriters and developers--but that doesn’t mean we simply take their word.

Acquire's process starts with our own underwriting. For each deal, we review market and demographic characteristics, historical operating performance and future projections to determine whether an opportunity meets our high standards of stability and yield. We re-examine detailed underwriting data which we run through our own in-house models to screen for vulnerabilities others may have missed.

After the underwriting review, all potential opportunities go before our Investment Committee, which is comprised of a multi-disciplinary panel of specialists from the legal, financial and real estate industries. If an opportunity meets the high standards of our Investment Committee, Acquire then invests in the deal.

As real estate investors ourselves, we encourage you to perform your own due diligence on each deal before deciding to invest. Acquire aims for 100% transparency, and we post all of our due diligence on a property page so that you can make the best investment decision for yourself.

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